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Anti SonicXSally Stamp :Free: by Wiqqles Anti SonicXSally Stamp :Free: by Wiqqles

So Guys :) ...
You make a ''Anti-SonAmy'' Stamp?
You make a ''Anti-Amy'' Stamp?
You create a ''Anti-SonAmy'' Group?
You create a ''Anti-Amy'' Group?
You create a ''Anti-Amy'' Petition?
..Or you'll join or support or use them! :eyes:

I see no reason why you should flame me then :shrug:
:bulletblack: THEN I DO AN ''ANTI'' STAMP TOO :bulletblack:

1. I am a SonAmy supporter (But that's not the MAIN reason why I created this)
2. I wanted to practise with Animation and Stamps
3. It's my opinion so I am sorry If there are any problems.

:bulletyellow:Edit: İ blocked the comment list that you can't comment here anymore. İt's a mess that İ waste my time to read rumors and crap reasons from the childish Sonic Fandom , whoever belong to the chidlish Sonic Fandom ''Group''. We are all grown up!


Sally is a Mary-Sue
Every user call Sally a Mary-Sue. That's NOT wrong. Sally calls herself as a perfect Princess. Every Guy (Sonic, Shadow, Antonnie, even Eggman and some more) is in love with Sally Acorn. She loves her people a lot. But is It her right, to earn all the spotlight from the people? She wants to be important next to her friends. She always breake up with Sonic and come closer with a other guy like Khan or anyone else and break up with him too, to come to Sonic again closer. Her best friend Bunny is always by her side, and play the selfish one too I guess. But that doesn't matter. She calls herself as a beautiful , kind and good princess all the time! She can use the ''oh-so-powerful'' Sword of Acorns as her weapon. She always stands in the light altough the Comic series is called Sonic the Hedgehog and not Sally Acorn. She is become more then a main character. Like the main character from all the main characters. Every story...nearly every story is about her. While she wins the cool guys, the canon girls of Sega, always stand behind her as a stupid fangirl or like a little useless bitch.

Relationship with Sonic the Hedgehog
It really looks like that Sally Acorn loves Sonic the Hedgehog. But does she deserves Sonic? In one Episode of the Archie comics, Sally asked Sonic who is important for him. Sonic chose the people to save them from Eggman. They need HIM! Sally was disappointed, and didn't understood Sonic. She SLAPPED him, cried and ran away from Sonic. She always breaks up with him and come to a other guy closer. Maybe she wants to make Sonic jealous with Khan or something like that but later she comes with him again closer. Both always are by side in adventures and It seems like Sally doesn't care about Sonic. She is really sure, he can do It but a little spotlight to him, wouldn't be bad or? Later they married and had two little kids, Manic and Sonia. Names stolen from Sonic Underground. Sonic must saved his kingdom and he wasn't sure If he would return again. Sally was really mad for no reason. But should the enemies stay there and attack and kill the people and her kingdom? Sonic kissed her and ran out while Sally was confused at the point.
She is two years or something like that older then Sonic and have arguments with him, which she always starts with that.

Her own world
Sally has her own world. While the canon girls must pay for looking how Sally and her fanfictional girl-characters created by Archie get all the canon boys for themselves. She is mean to Sonic for calling him a jerk and slap him while he saves her ass from Eggman. In the Archie series, she is really like the boss and chef, for telling everyone what they should do. But she doesn't do anything and won't do anything. She is the leader of the Freedom Fighters and she acts like she is cool.


Differents between Sega and Archie
Now I tell you, what I don't understand about this. Just because Sonic should get more popular by putting him in other stuff, doesn't mean he must be ruined. Every one get confused between the Sega and Archie world. Which is who and which is true? Why did Archie took him and made their own histories and own personality characters with fancharacters and mixed couples. They ruined every Sega character and make their own fancharacters more important then the others.
What I want to say is, that Sonic doesn't belong to Archie, It's regardless however you try or wish. Archie just make comics about him and that's all. It's not like that Sonic is with Sally a couple, and Amy an annoying 8-year-old fangirl in a 12-year-old body or that Tails have arguments with Sonic and break their friendship. Sonic STILL belong to Sega. And there never was and never is a princess called ''Sally Acorn''
Face It. Archie never existed and exists in the real Sonic the Hedgehog SEGA UNIVERSUM. It's just a Fanfiction Comic to make Sonic more popular. What they did for boring plots, OOC couples and more, is their own thing. I don't know why Sega never telled them about to stop with that. Probably for making more money -.-''

:bulletyellow:Note: If I forgot something really important about Sally and Archie, tell me please!
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July 29, 2011
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